Still looking for the holy grail?

Let me tell you a secret...

...the cake is a lie.

Who wants the cake need to bake it themself..

...and we provide the receipe and ingredients.

What you will get:

100% Free. 0 Upsells.

  • Traders with more than 10+ years of combined experience

  • Level-based gamefied course program

  • Do the work to unlock more content

  • FREE FTMO Challenge* at the end of the course

  • Weekly market overviews for DE30, S&P500, BTC and more

  • Exclusive "Trendosaurus" Indicator*

  • Strategybuilder-Template

  • 55+ tested Strategies

  • New content added frequently


Meet the team

CEO and Certified Technical Analyst

Christopher Hörrmann

Christopher embodies the roots of the company, he is the vision behind Bulls n Bears. With his entrepreneurial thinking, he has made Bulls n Bears what it is today. He has the primary responsibility for business decisions.

CFS and co-founder

Niko Geljic

Niko stands out as an excellent team player. His hard work and dedication have brought him to where he is now. At Bulls n Bears he is mainly responsible for content expansion and customer contact.

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